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companct and secure deletion of mac trash

Delayed Trash Deletion for Mac OS X

Store files, specify for how long. Retrieve it if you need it - it will be automatically deleted when it expires.

CD-ROM for $29.95
Software Download for $19.95
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Learn more about this delayed trash deletion software for Mac OS X that offers you the flexibility to store files for as long as you specify. To the Trash! will store the file for you until that date, allowing you to retrieve it in the mean time if you need it, and automatically deleting it for you if you don’t.

  • Users who want empty the trash but can't because they're using to store stuff they're not ready to delete can reclaim the trash can. Just move the trash can contents to ToTheTrash so you can reclaim it if you need it. Going forward, store this type of stuff in ToTheTrash and use the Trash Can to store real trash.

  • Users who want to clean up their hard drive but don't want to throw out anything important can use ToTheTrash to old files. To the Trash! will store the files for you until they expire, allowing you to retrieve them in the mean time if you need them, and automatically deleting them for you if you don’t.

Key Features:
"If you tremble at the thought of emptying your Mac's Trash, To the Trash can be your security blanket. "

Review: "To the Trash 1.1"
Oct 2003

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