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MacVCD for
Mac OS 8, Mac OS 9

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Video Media Player
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All About Video
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All about VCD
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MacVCD VCD / Video Player
for Mac OS 8, Mac OS 9

MacVCD Video PlayerMacVCD OS 8/9 Video Player

Discover the easy way to play VCD and almost everything else with this easy to use media player software for Mac OS 8, Mac OS 9. MacVCD plays VCD, AVI*, DivX*, MPEG, video, Quicktime movies (.mov) and more.

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Learn more about the software that offers all the playback features you need - full screen, video saving, Karaoke VCD - and the ease of use you really want from a video media player.

Key Features:

Discover the easy way to play VCD. With automatic VCD format recognition and file chaining, auto play and auto eject, you can play a VCD with just one step

Take advantage of being able to play almost any video format. MacVCD plays alot more than just VCD, including MPEG, AVI*, DivX*, XviD*, Quicktime Movie (.mov) and DV

Use every Playback window option you can think of - full screen or small screen with the re-sizeable playback window, and TV playback

Video saving - Save VCDs as Self Contained Quicktime movies to play from hard disk and save battery life, Save VCDs as Reference Quicktime movies to play favorite scenes

Basic editing - remove commercials or make favorite scenes movie

Watch multi-language VCD and Karaoke VCD

Use advanced playback controls including track selection, slow motion, fast motion, backwards playback

Choose between multiple playback control options - Menu, Controller, Keyboard and Hands Free™ speech activated controls

Free demo Download a free trial now and see how easy MacVCD is to use

Find out for yourself how easy it is to
play almost any video on Mac OS 8, Mac OS 9

Download a free trial of
MacVCD Video Player NOW


"For me it's great! It's what I was looking for. I tried the demo, I liked it, I paid the $20. Now I can see my VCDs full screen under X. "

"No prizes for guessing this's my favorite VCD player. While QuickTime player is free, it uses twice the RAM of MacVCD, opens sluggishly on G3 machines (we're talking OS 9 here) and doesn't do half the VCD stuff MacVCD does. MacVCD is an elegant and mature product which will play MPEG-1 better than QuickTime Player on older machines (low-end G3s and 604es). "
" I am a United States Marine .... We are pretty bored over here and have gotten our hands on a few VCD's. I need a registration key to run the program. I was wondering if your company would be willing to donate a free registration key to our cause. I don't have access to the phones or internet to buy your product or else I would."


"Thank you for your generosity in giving me a free copy of your software. All the Marines here thank you also."


"You sell a great product and it was great doing business with you."



"Damit auch Macintosh-User unter Mac OS X in den vollen Genuss einer Video-CD kommen, wurde das Programm macvcdx von Mireth Technology entwickelt und veröffentlicht.


"The new version works fine and it is the best VCD playback experience I’ve had on the mac so far. Love you for the service and the program.

Thanks so much"

Johanan S.

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