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iVCD for Mac OS X

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How to install iVCD
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How to convert and burn AVI, Divx, Xvid to DVD
How to convert and burn mov, Quicktime to DVD
How to convert and burn MPEG to DVD
How to convert and burn WMV to DVD
How to convert and burn AVI, Divx, Xvid to VCD
How to convert and burn mov, Quicktime to VCD
How to convert and burn MPEG to VCD
How to convert and burn WMV to VCD
How to convert and burn AVI, Divx, Xvid to SVCD
How to convert and burn mov, Quicktime to SVCD
How to convert and burn MPEG to SVCD
How to convert and burn WMV to SVCD
How to convert and burn video to KVCD
How to convert and burn video to XSVCD
How to convert and burn video to XVCD
Convert AVI to MPEG
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Convert WMV to MPEG
How to make a looping DVD, VCD
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DVD, VCD, SVCD Converter/Burner
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for Mac OS X
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All About Video
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Table of Contents
All about AVI
All about SVCD
All about VCD
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All about Xvid
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iVCD -
All-in-one DVD, VCD, SVCD
Converter Burner for Mac OS X

intel mac dvd burnerMac OS X VCD Burner

iVCD - VCD, SVCD, DVD Burner boxshot

Discover the easy way to author DVD, VCD, SVCD and more with this easy to use MPEG Converter and DVD Burner for Mac OS X. Convert from .mov, iMovie, Quicktime movie, divx, xvid, avi, wmv, mpg to DVD, VCD, SVCD, XVCD, XSVCD and burn in just one step.

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Click here to download the iVCD free demo
Free Trial

iVCD offers all the features you need and the ease of use you really want from MPEG Converter and DVD, VCD, SVCD burner software for your OS X Macintosh.

Key Features:

Discover the easy way to make a DVD, SVCD or VCD in just one step With the Convert + Image + Burn button, you can author in just one step! Or you can do just the steps one at a time. And there's an easy to use "drag and drop" interface

Convert almost anything to DVD, VCD, SVCD.
Use iVCD to

  • convert from iMovie (.mov), Quicktime Movie (.mov), MPEG (.mpg)*, AVI*, DivX*, XviD*, WMV*
  • convert to DVD, VCD, SVCD, XVCD, XSVCD or MPEG (generic MPEG)

Burn DVD,VCD and more

  • Burn DVD
  • Burn standard VCD, SVCD
  • Burn non-standard XVCD or XSVCD
  • Burn DVD, VCD with menus (playback control)
  • Burn a looping DVD/VCD for use in Kiosks and retail outlets
  • Burn hybrid movie/music CDs
  • Burns VCDs that will Autorun on Windows

Flexible operation

  • Use the convenient one-step “convert+image+burn” operation, or use the converter/MPEG encoder standalone
  • CPU Usage Control allows you to manage the amount of CPU used by iVCD during the Convert process
  • Support for CDR Disk At Once (cdrdao) in additional support iVCD provides for drives not supported by Apple's Disc Recording APIs

Video Rescuing features

  • Light video feature rescues video that's too dark
  • TV Safe Border feature rescues video that appears clipped on the TV screen

MPEG Encoder support

  • Encode MPEG - MPEG-1, MPEG-2, Generic MPEG encoder
  • Variable MPEG encoding quality
  • Preview Windows previews encoded MPEG for quality check before burn
  • Pixel Aspect Ratio selection
    1:1 – for computer display,
    4:3 – for standard television,
    16:9 –for widescreen television
  • Interlace option

Convenience features

  • Keeps a project folder so you can easily make more copies
  • Erase CD-RWs
  • Plays movies (.mov) and previews encoded MPEG

Supports NTSC and PAL output formats

Erases CD-RWs

Free demo. Download a free trial of iVCD

Find out for yourself how easy it is to make a VCD
with an all-in-one VCD converter/burner

Download a free trial of iVCD NOW

Get it from CNET Download.com!
* MPEG-2, AVI, DivX, XViD, WMV source files require additional third party components. For more information, see the System Requirements
Get it from CNET Download.com!
"the product ... has remained a sharp disc-burning utility fully capable of creating DVDs ... "

Story: "iVCD Turns Up Heat on Disc-Burning Features

John P. Mello Jr

"What an excellent piece of software, to date faultless and c.d.'s play on all dvd players tested either in vcd and some svcd, not bad for here in the UK - better success rate than dvd's. ... IVCD fills the gap for Macs without combo drive and playback quality hardly noticeable from dvd on wide screen. Not had any burn failures to date and can now store all movies on hard drive knowing that they can be written to disk in an acceptable quality without using up space as you do storing an imovie project."

Peter B.

" iVCD proved simple and intuitive to use, and worked nicely .... iVCD is a user friendly and economical way to create Video CDs on your Mac. If, for example, you're looking for a medium for storing, presenting, and sharing your digital video movies, VCDs are well worth considering. "

Review (link): "Charles Moore Reviews iVCD Video Compact Disk Authoring Utility"
Charles M. Moore

"Installation was a snap...First use was very straight forward...All-inall, the iVCD software functions quite well, creating DVD quality movies on a CDR. If you are interest in VCDs or SVCDS, I strongly recommend that you give iVCD a try. "

Review (link): "iVCD 1.0.5"

Bob Whinnery
The Mac Guild

"Thanks for the follow-up -- I checked and the emails arrived this morning.... Thanks and, again, I think your software was really well designed and I appreciate your genuinely-helpful and considerate response.

A. Lekowski

"iVCD 2.0 intègre les codecs MPeg-1 et MPeg-2 et un outil de création d'interactivité pour les menus VCD et SVCD. Il peut être utilisé ... pour une création de menu plus fine."
"Je trouve le résultat remarquable !"

Review (link): "iVCD, dans la lignée des iApps..."
Alain-Pierre Bechet
Mac et Video

"Makes creating looping VCDs for trade shows dead-easy! And the support is absolutely second to none."

Chris Meyer,


I have been looking for a simple way to create DVD's and VCD's ON THE MAC!!! iVCD hit the bill."

Alan S. (big fan of your software)

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